10 Most Useful Websites 2018

Since we’re at the start of the new year, Its the best time to go over some of the 10 Most Useful  Websites 2018, from a variety of different categories, which I feel are the going to be most useful.

10 Most Useful Websites 2018 – Here’s the List:

PDF Drive

PDF drive this is for those of you that were requesting another source to download ebooks. On their homepage you’ll see a list of books that are trending, you can do a quick search or select one of the several categories listed on the right.

10 Most Useful Websites -PDF Dive.net

So for example, if I select technology,  you’ll see several books that are listed if you select one of the ebooks it’ll open a new page where you can preview and download the PDF – on this page, you’ll also see a listing of similar books that may be of interest to you.

PDF drive is free to use with no ads or download limits.

Codein Game

Perfect for all you programmers out there looking to improve your skills in a fun and interesting way. It basically lets you code a browser-based game with more than 25 languages to choose from you can also create multiplayer games that you can play with your friends.

When you’re ready select get started, it will first ask you to sign up or you can continue without an account by selecting the X at the top of the pop-up. When you first start out it will give you a basic tutorial just follow the steps, it’s pretty straightforward.


10 Most Useful Websites -Codein Game

I’ll leave the rest of this for you to discover on your own, Codein Game is a cool way to learn the basics of programming.

Still Tasty

A cool website that has information to let you know how long you can keep thousands of foods and beverages.

10 Most Useful Websites - Still Tasty

On still tasty you’ll see that you can browse shelf-life information by category –  I’ll select dairy and eggs.  The categories are organized in alphabetical order and there are several pages in this category so this is not the most efficient way to find what you’re looking for.




Back on their homepage, I have found that doing a search works a lot better,  so I’ll do a search for cheesecake the search.

10 Most Useful Websites - Still Tasty Cheesecake

This gives me two options to choose from:  commercially frozen or freshly baked.  I’ll select freshly baked – now it lets me know that if I store that cheesecake in the refrigerator it will last for one week and freezing it will make it last for two to three months.

10 Most Useful Websites - Still Tasty Cheesecake Results


Still Tasty is a useful site to determine the shelf life of food!


10 Most Useful Websites - CyMath Keyboard

Is a math problem solver with steps to show your work which can help you to learn certain concepts. It’s simple to use and you can either enter in a problem or choose one of the many topics available. If you select the virtual keyboard icon you can find symbols that you may not have on your physical keyboard.



Once you have your problem entered, select solve. It will now show you all the steps that are needed to solve your problem.


10 Most Useful Websites - CyMath Problem Example


They do offer a premium version called Cymath plus, you don’t have to necessarily purchase, but it does contain many useful features. E.g One feature is that it will show you why a step is taken, which can be helpful in the learning process

Cymath also has an app for iOS and Android.


Removes the links for Wikipedia pages to make copying and pasting into document software like Microsoft Word a lot easier.  This can be useful for homework assignments or other presentations.

For example, here on the Wikipedia page for Apple you can see there are a lot of blue links. Go to the address bar and copy the URL and then back on Gwiki paste that link. Once you hit enter, you will now have that same Wikipedia page without any of the links!

10 Most Useful Websites 2018 - Gwiki

Now you can go in and copy any of that page that you need, at the bottom you have two options:  you can copy the entire article to your clipboard to paste it wherever you need to or you can open Google Docs to paste it on there if you want.

Just remember when using Wikipedia as a source that the information is sometimes less than reliable.


Gravit Designer

Is a free cross-platform vector design app that can be used in your browser without the need to download any software. It contains several tools that you find in other programs like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape and boasts a clean looking interface. 10 Most Useful Websites - Gravit Designer

If you have used vector design software before this shouldn’t be too difficult for you to figure out and if you need further help they do have tutorials on YouTube, plus an active forum to get help with your issues.

So whether you’re working on graphics for websites marketing materials or icons –  Gravit Designer is definitely worth considering!

Two Foods

10 Most Useful Websites - Two Foods

Two Foods is a food comparison tool that compares the nutritional data of two food items so you can make healthier food choices. Simply enter a food item then enter another food item in the Box to the right,  then click on compare.



E.g Twinkie and a Banana – Obviously banana was going to be the healthier of those two choices.

10 Most Useful Websites - Two Foods Banana vs Twinkie

You can also compare food from restaurants – e.g. let’s see which one is healthier a Big Mac from McDonald’s or a Whopper from Burger King. It looks like the Big Mac is the healthier of the two but not by much.

Perfect for when you can’t decide between two food choices check out two foods.

Movie Map

Movie Map can help you find similar movies to the ones you like, helping you find something new to watch. Enter a movie, e.g  pulp fiction.

10 Most Useful Websites - Movie Map


On movie map the closer the names of other films are to the movie you searched the more likely they are similar – so according to the site, the closest one to pulp fiction is Fight Club.

10 Most Useful Websites - Movie Map Pulp Fiction Example

When you’re having trouble finding a film to watch give movie map a try.


Created to teach developers about security vulnerabilities. You can learn to hack on this site to,  learning how to hack is one of the best ways to learn how to protect yourself from attacks.  There are several lessons to choose from including SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Clickjacking and many others. Some of the courses require that you sign up to get access.

10 Most Useful Websites - Hacksplaining

Currently, there is no cost to use this site,  if you are a newer developer Hacksplaining is a website that you should know about.


This website specializes in user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects. It’s been around for more than 10 years and I’m still surprised when people tell me they have never heard of it.

Navigating the site is very easy and you could do a search here at the top or select from one of several categories including, technology, workshop, home and many others. I’ll select technology – you’ll see several DIY projects listed.

10 Most Useful Websites - Instructable Technology

If you move your mouse cursor over technology you’ll see a listing of the various categories, holding your cursor over each choice will show you subcategories to the right that you can choose from.

10 Most Useful Websites - Instructable

If you’re looking for a cool new project definitely check out Instructables!

Final Words…

So those were what I thought are the 10 most useful websites 2018 – hope you find them helpful. If you have any suggestions yourself, please do reach out and let me know!