How to start a Blog

Hey what's up guys! So today I want to talk to you about the importance of having your own blog and more specifically how to start a blog. Why you need a blog? Having your own blog allows you to brand yourself which is very very important in affiliate marketing. Product creation establishes you as an authority just because you have your own blog it means [...]

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Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Hi everyone! A lot of people still ask me what exactly is affiliate marketing, how it works, if anyone could do that and this is why I'm writing this blog post for you today! [...]

How To Find Buyer Subscribers

So today I want to be talking about building up your email list.  There are a lot of different ways, and it really just depends on your objective. However, what I've found is [...]

Keyword Research Tool – How to Use Google Keyword Planner

Free Keyword Research Tool - Google Keyword Planner If you've decided on your niche and have a direction in which to go, then you need to start finding keywords. There are a [...]

How to Save Money – 50/30/20 Rule

How To Save Money: So what is the 50 30 20 rule? Well it's a basic guideline for finances and budgeting, with this applying to pretty much anyone. I'm going to give you guys [...]

How Is Wealth Created – Savings & Investments

How Is Wealth Created? In order to answer How Is Wealth Created? Let me try to explain it using a story. Let's imagine a world in which suddenly all the tools disappear, all [...]

10 Most Useful Websites 2018

Since we're at the start of the new year, Its the best time to go over some of the 10 Most Useful  Websites 2018, from a variety of different categories, which I feel are [...]

How to do Keyword Research

How To Do Keyword Research - Code Central by NS Blog Post
How to do Keyword Research - A short guide.   One key (no pun intended) SEO determinant is Keyword Research. People often overlook this simple and essential SEO [...]

Niche Research for Website Guide

Niche Research for Website Guide - Code Central by NS Blog Post
One key determinant of how successful or how much traffic your website is going to get is Niche Research. It is an important part of your overall SEO strategy and as you [...]

Get Traffic from Twitter Made Easy

Get Traffic From Twitter Made Easy - Code Central by NS Blog Post
Get Traffic From Twitter Twitter has over 310 million active users. But that should come as no surprise to you. All major social media [...]

Facebook Marketing for Beginners

Facebook Marketing for Beginners - Code Central by NS Blog Post
Facebook Marketing for Beginners - Power of Facebook: Nowadays Facebook plays a vital role in our social life. While we do not always [...]