How to start a Blog

Hey what's up guys! So today I want to talk to you about the importance of having your own blog and more specifically how to start a blog. Why you need a blog? Having your own blog allows you to brand yourself which is very very important in affiliate marketing. Product creation establishes you as an authority just because you have your own blog it means [...]

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What is Targeted Traffic?

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website? Traffic essentially means the number of visitors visiting your website. There is no point in opening a store or a shop and not have [...]

Mobile SEO – SEO Basics Guide 2017

Mobile SEO - Code Central by NS Blog Post
Welcome back to this multi-part SEO Basics Guide 2017 series. In this part, we will be looking at Mobile SEO. If you missed any of the previous parts you can view them [...] vs Vs - Code Central by NS Blog Post vs - Which one to choose? Unless you're completely new to web development and blogging, chances are that you've heard of WordPress. Very few [...]

Speed Reading for Beginners

Speed Reading for Beginners- What is it? Reading is something everyone learns to do at a very young age. It is an essential skill and all future skills learned are based on [...]

SEO Basics Guide 2017 – SEO Crawling

SEO Basics Guide 2017 - SEO Crawling In part 4 of this SEO Basics Guide 2017, we will be looking at  SEO Crawling. We will also focus on Dealing with Crawlers and other [...]

How to Choose a Blogging Platform

Looking to start your own blog? Or do you already have one and want to improve/grow it further? Finding a good blogging platform for your specific needs can be challenging. [...]

SEO Basics 2017 Guide – Content Optimization

SEO Basics 2017 Guide - Content Optimization Following on from SEO Basics 2017 Guide - Part 2, where we covered how to improve site structure, in SEO Basics 2017 Guide - Part [...]

Top Hosting Providers

Top Hosting Providers Finding a good hosting provider is essential in launching a successful website. When starting out finding hosting can be a bit confusing. There are [...]

How to Make A Website

Thinking of making a website? How to make a website Learn how to make a website below! If you run a business, are a freelancer or want to earn money online, a key [...]

SEO Basics 2017 Guide – Part 2

SEO Guide In the first part of CodeCentrals SEO Basics 2017 Guide, we covered how to optimise page titles and description/meta tags. If you missed it, or want a quick recap, [...]