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Get Traffic From Twitter

Twitter has over 310 million active users. But that should come as no surprise to you. All major social media platforms have mind-boggling user bases. It is just the reality of the world we live in.

So how can you take advantage of this? More specifically how can you leverage this to get traffic from Twitter? Firstly, you need to understand that we are not digital marketing. We are marketing in a digital world. Everyone is on social media. It is just a  self-evident, self-perpetuating truth.

I aim to teach you how Twitter can generate Traffic to your website. I don’t want to just go over how to make your posts better, but rather focus on the underlying theories behind digital marketing.

Once you understand these, you will understand not just the what, but also the why!

What is my Conversion?

This is the first question you ask when you start digital marketing.

A conversion is anything you deem beneficial for your business. It is usually decided upon prior to launching your campaign. So an example would be a purchase, or page visit, or link click.

Most people will tell you that their main conversion criteria are making sales. Which is completely natural. However, social media marketing is not about shoving your product down people’s throats. If you treat Twitter as a billboard, people will tune out and unfollow.

The key to success on any social media platform is Sociability. You need to have sociable conversions.

Common Conversions:

  • Retweet
  • Leave a like
  • Direct a lead to your website
  • Comments

The Call to Action

 Now that you know what you want your audience to do. The next question is how to get them to do it?

Mini Case Study:

 Check out this link:

The pictures are very nice and eye-catching but this website has a major flaw. Do you see it?

You can spend an eternity clicking on the pictures but what is this site’s purpose?

What does the owner want the visitor to do? There is no way of knowing! Click on things is a great resource for what “not” to do!

Now think of these pictures as tweets! One after another, page after page.

This is what you’re trying to avoid.

Quick Definition:

ReTweet = Simply a Re-Post of another Twitter user based on your own profile to show to your own followers.  Like Hashtags, retweets are a community-driven phenomenon on Twitter with the aim of making the service better and allowing people to spread discussion easier.

How do you get a ReTweet?

Take a look at this graph from Copy Blogger:


Get Traffic from Twitter - Occurrence of Please Graph

As you can see, there is a visible correlation with the word “please” and the number of retweets something gets.

Why are so many people saying please?

People say please when they’re asking for something. So, it makes sense for them to say it if they’re looking for a retweet.


Here are some other Most Retweeted Words & Phrases:


Get Traffic from Twitter - Most ReTweetable words on Twitter

This strategy, specifically using these words, is called “call to action”. You need to consider your call to action every tweet, upload, picture, or piece of content, you intend for people to see.

Your audience needs to be told what to do. Unlike Click on Things.

The good news is that Twitter has done most of the work for you. Your audience is within easy reach of buttons to comment, follow and retweet, your posts. You just have to ask!

Your Call To Action can be anything as long as it aligns with a conversion.

  • Questions: e.g. “What do you think of our new winter line?”
  • Follow this person
  • Like this If you…
  • Comment if you…
  • Download My Ebook
  • Check out my site
  • Follow me on Facebook
  • Order your free … sample or report etc.

Twitters data shows that tweets that asked for a follow increased responses by 258%. People love to participate. If you show them something they like and ask them to retweet – chances are that they will!

Get Traffic from Twitter - Example of a very powerful Tweet Example: Kaitlyn’s battle against cancer is likely to get thousands of retweets. This is a relatable post and more importantly, there is a clear call to action.

Value Creation on Twitter

Have you ever read the book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’? If not, then basically, the protagonist tries to define quality.

It is impossible to put into words exactly what gives content value.

In the book, Phaedrus realizes that although it can’t be defined we all have this intuitive understanding of what good quality is.

Your tweet is content. Your YouTube channel or Blog/Website is content. You need to create value for this content. How do you do that?

Always keep the audience in mind! Your audience needs to get something valuable out of the post, entertainment, humor, information, advice etc.

Thinking about the value of every tweet you post is a step in the right direction. There is no right or wrong way to go about value creation.

In online marketing, the way to become an authority is to give away great content.

Content is king. 

Your tweet is a form of content.


Example:  Kaitlyn’s battle against cancer.

  1. Conversion: Retweet
  2. Call to action: Please retweet
  3. Value: Fighting cancer and cancer awareness

How to Write a Tweet

Twitter is all about Engagement. As a platform, it allows you to send short messages very quickly. It is great credibility and helps to draw people to your main hub: a website, blog or Facebook Page.

Keep your Tweet short and sweet.  Stick to your niche and keep it as relevant as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of it being spammy and click bait.

Quality of your tweet is what will get people to interact with you and your content.

You can include anything that grabs people’s attention:

  • A quote from your content. According to twitter, a quote is 54% more likely to be retweeted.
  • Relevent has tags will display your tweet to people interested in similar topics
  • Tweeting Eye-Catching Images.

If you post a picture of your product or offer a clever bit of content. You can attract more attention than you ever could with just words.

Example:  Intel getting 90 retweets in just 10 hours.

Start a conversation! Again the whole point of social media is to be Sociable. Leave comments, ask questions, be insightful!

Get involved as much as you can.

Help other people in your niche! Don’t look at it as competition. The internet is a massive place – all you need is just a tiny fraction of the audience.

Be helpful and people will respect you and engage with you more.

A word of caution

Staying out of the wrong conversations is just as important as being in the right ones. People will talk down your achievements, be negative and show skepticism.

These people will often work for you even though they think they are working against you. They will drive more people to your brand but tact is key. You need to have a thick skin and ignore the naysayers.

Final Words:

Twitter is an extremely powerful tool if used correctly. If you’re successful in getting a following and some traction, you can get traffic from twitter very easily. The best part is that it is completely free traffic! And why stop there? Learn how to leverage Facebook To Get Traffic Here!

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