How To Find Buyer Subscribers

So today I want to be talking about building up your email list.  There are a lot of different ways, and it really just depends on your objective. However, what I’ve found is you should always focus on buyer subscribers.

Buyer subscribers or buyer traffic will always be superior to regular subscribers, bought through solo ads for example – i.e those people who haven’t actually bought anything from anybody ever. They’re just looking for something for free!

Why are we looking for buyer subscribers?

Because they’ve already got the mindset that they want to succeed online and really the only way to do that is to buy courses.

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There’s only a certain amount of knowledge that you can gain from places like YouTube and Google for free. The rest of it you know people don’t usually give their secrets away for free.

There’s always going to be a price but if you’re willing to pay a price then you’re going to get some really good quality information.

These  kind of people are going to be a lot more responsive when you send them emails and they’re gonna probably buy stuff from you when you promote to them.

How do we find these buyer subscribers?

Well we need to try to get them to buy something from us first. The best ways that I found to build a list of buyer subscribers is to launch a product on the Warrior Forum – as a WSO.

Keep in mind if you’re new to the game you don’t want to be going out there and launching products on JvZoo or Warrior Plus just yet. Ultimately, launching your own product is where you want to end up!  It will prove to other affiliates that you’re serious affiliate and you can send sales to their products too!

So if we look at the warrior forum and you go to warrior special offers

How to find Buyer Subscribers - Warrior Forum



Most of the offers on here offers on here offers on here complete crap. I’ll be upfront with you there are some good ones on here but most of them are pretty crap here.

However, the good thing is, you don’t need affiliates to be promoting your products in order for you to get sales.

As if you put in a product on the warrior forum, it will rank very well. The forum in general ranks very well with Google and there’s a lot of people that are on this page every single hour of the day – thousands and thousands of people who are on here looking at these offers.

If you can create an offer and put it onto the warrior forum then that’s a way that you can start building your email list.

How to create a WSO

Simply click on “Launch Your WSO”


How to Find Buyer Subscribers - Launch your WSO


You will then be asked to give it a title, short blurb, price, images etc. Just fill out the general details of your product on the page.

Don’t worry if you do not have a link to the product page just yet, you can simply link it back to your own website or just Google for example.

How to Find Buyer Subscribers - Launch your WSO


You’ll also be able to add a support email, video URL, Twitter account and FAQs.

Once you’re ready click the “Launch Your WSO” button at the bottom.

One word of advice I would give you is don’t put your products too high.  I’ve experimented with this a bit and I think the best price range for products is between five and seven dollars.

Anything higher five and seven dollars you won’t get many sales. Anything lower than that people just expect it to be utter crap and they won’t buy it. So between five and seven dollars and you’ll be able to get at least kind of two sales a day.

That’s what I’ve been getting so far and it’s gonna cost  you twenty dollars to initially list your product and then every time your product goes down the the forum then you can actually bump it.

On the second page, you’ll be prompted to pay $19.95 to finalize and officially post your offer on to the forum.

How to find buyer subscribers - Payment for launching WSO


There are also other options available, so if you’re comfortable with spending a little bit more money feel free to go for those too.

Once posted, you’ll also need to pay around $20 every time you want to bump. But that’s fine because you actually make this money back on a daily basis. So effectively you’re building a list of buyer subscribers for free.

The best times to bump is around meal times – so if you’re thinking around meal times in Eastern Standard kind of around one o’clock in the afternoon or 6/7 o’clock p.m.

That’s the best time to bump – most people a bump early in the morning which is going to give you a lot of competition.

So this is a great way to build up your buyers list.

Where to get a product from?

Well there’s two ways you can do this, one way which is not very recommended  (but I’m going to tell you anyway) and another way which is a lot more recommended.

Firstly, you can go out and get some stuff called PLR from the website Resell Rights. Simply create an account and browse the different products available.


How to find buyer subscribers - Resell Rights

PLR means private label rights and what it is, is a bunch of products that you have the rights to give away for free or to put your name on.

I usually don’t really use PLR anymore and prefer to make my own bonuses and my own products. But you can use PLR and sell it on or rewrite/rerecord it and use that.

On this website, if you have membership access you can actually search, for example, CPA products products, list building products, affiliate marketing products etc.

Keep in mind, you do need to get some good quality PLA so that it actually helps people. Or you’ll end up getting a lot of refunds if it’s just pure utter crap.

You actually need to be teaching somebody something and helping people out. You can find that kind of PR stuff on here – just do a bit of research.

Another way is you  go to Warrior Plus or JvZoo Marketplace and buy something – it probably cost you seven or five dollars. Go through it video by video, take notes and then remake in your own words.

Teaching the exact same methods, reword it/ redo it, put it up onto methods put it up onto your blog.

So if you do have a website then yeah you just make the videos basically clone it but put it into your own words.

Then you would create a WSO using and you’d sell it for five dollars to seven dollars and then build up your email list doing this.

It’s a pretty slow way of doing it compared to using other affiliates and joint venturing but it’s easy. You don’t need to bother with recruiting affiliates, this is something that you could get in start doing right away and start building up your buyers list ASAP.


How to host the Videos/ How do I make a videos on my blog.

It’s pretty easy – first thing you would need to do is obviously register your domain name and hosting.  I’m not going to tell you how to do that in this blog post, and will probably make a separate one highlighting the whole process. So stay tuned! 

Once you have everything set up, simply go over to Fiverr and then you would look for something that says/called Thrive Content Builder or Thrive Architect.

You’d then need to find someone like this guy:

How to find buyer subscribers - Fiverr Guy


What he’s gonna do for five dollars is he’s going to install a plugin which is a high quality page builder.

So he’s going to install this on your site so just give him the username and password to your blog. You can always change it later so don’t worry about him hacking it or anything like that. It’s exactly the same thing as what I’ve done on my website and within 24 hours he’s gonna install thrive.

Thrive Architect is basically a high quality page builder plugin for WordPress. Now this usually costs quite a bit of money – I think it’s around $60 or $19 a month paid annually or $49 a month paid annually.

But this way you can go to Fiverr and pay $5 one time to get this installed

As you can see I’ve already got this set up on my blog. Both these pages were made using Thrive Architect:

How to find buyer subscribers - Code Central Page        How to find buyer subscribers - Code Central Page



First of all you’d make the videos and then upload them to YouTube and you would need to unlist them because you don’t want them to be out there publicly.

Then presuming you’ve already got Thrive installed on your WordPress site, go over to pages you would make you would add a new page.

You need to call it something weird so people can’t actually like predict what it’s going to be.  So let’s just say we were going with a product called social media traffic, let’s just called social media traffic and then we just put a little spiel off on the end of it to make it unique and then publish it.

I’ll show you why this is a high quality page builder, so after you after you’ve published it, it is now going to be live you can just go edit with thrive content builder.

I don’t only use this for my squeeze product pages I use it for my bonus pages, I use it for my email capture pages and for pretty much everything that I do online. It’s saved me having to buy click funnels or lead pages which is an email capture page builder.


How to use Thrive Architect

So you would go over here on the right where it says Thrive Dashboard you would go to choose a landing page. Now because we’re actually not making email capture pages,  and we’re going to be hosting video courses, what you need to do is to is basically load a template.

How to find buyer subscribers - Load Template


Find one that you can use here so I’m gonna choose this one and I’ll show you how you can edit it. So let’s presume you’ve got say five or six videos that you’ve copied from this PLR or from somebody else’s training.

You would put the name/title of your course up here and then you’d proceed to enter your videos in here. So this is going to be video number one “The Introduction” and then just paste it in, and then this is going to be this video number two etc. Because it’s social media traffic course we’re gonna call the second video “Instagram” – now when somebody clicks on here we want it to open Lightbox

So I’ve got 3 video for up to 10 ok and this is actually a product I have on the warrior forum we’ll talk about this a bit later but for now when you’re making your video cast now when you’re making your video cast this what I’ve done and you can just use the what I’ve done and you can just use the what I’ve done and you can just use the same thing the same template. And to do that you up in a nice lightbox you go to Events Manager so you click on the thumbnail that you made you click on here Events Manager and then click Events Manager and then this will pop-up add an event ok so when somebody select trigger it’s gonna open a thrive lightbox.


we going to ask us to create a new new landing page lightbox. So it’s been generated click here to then all you got to do once this loads up is just enter a blank page and then just put in your video URL which we saved. Here it’s gonna be video number two so you just have that , so when somebody clicks on any of these it’s just gonna basically bring it up not in a new tab but in a bring it up. It does take a little bit of time to load up but it’s gonna save you a hundred dollars a it’s gonna save you a hundred dollars a it’s gonna save you a hundred dollars rather than buying freaking clickfunnels.


this is gonna cost you five dollars. I’m sure you’re gonna agree with me that this does all the same things you know, you can make product pages, you can make an email product pages you can make an email product pages, you can make an email landing pages, you can make light boxes on your homepage of your blog. I can’t recommend it enough to you guys. You get this guy on Fiverr to install and you’re gonna be way ahead of the game ahead of the game.


I’ve made a whole plan that I’m gonna be putting out content  over the next couple of weeks helping you guys getting your foot in the door. So you can scale up this internet business.


I’m gonna be making a video all about sales pages because I know you guys are going to be struggling with it struggling with it, but again is something that you’ve got to do – you can’t just be an affiliate, you need to have your products not just to sell and make some money from but also to build up your email list. The two go hand-in-hand otherwise you’re gonna be spending so much money on solo ads and you’re gonna have nothing to build up that trust with your build up that trust with your build up that trust with your subscribers.



Having your own product helps to build up trust and once your subscribers trust you and they like you they’re more likely to buy stuff from you. So this is a piece of the jigsaw you need to understand that you’re gonna have to make a product you know sooner or later.