How to start a Blog

Hey what’s up guys! So today I want to talk to you about the importance of having your own blog and more specifically how to start a blog.

Why you need a blog?

Having your own blog allows you to brand yourself which is very very important in affiliate marketing. Product creation establishes you as an authority just because you have your own blog it means that you’re serious about what you do.

There’s so many other advantages to having your own blog but a lot of people get turned off by the fact that they think it’s really difficult. They think it’s something that only some kind of tech heads can do but it’s not. It’s actually really really simple.

But before I tell you how to start a blog, let me just talk to you about some of the advantages of having your own blog.

So apart from the obvious one of branding yourself and product. You can have an about me page where you can talk about your journey, you can talk about different things that have gone on so far. How far you’ve come etc.

This lets people kind of connect with you, and then they trust you, and they like you more hopefully depending on what you write. But it’s a great way for people to get to know you better.

Apart from having an about me page, you can also host all of your product reviews on there. On our “Courses” page for example, I have all my offerings and courses listed.

A great little software you can use is called Commission Gorilla which allows you to interlink your pages and create action bars, modals, popups etc.  Just add a call to action and link to the sales page directly from your blog. When people click on it they’ll go through to the sales page.

If they buy it then obviously any button you put will have your affiliate link inside it so you’ll be getting paid that way and it’s a great way of getting some organic traffic and you can also talk about your bonuses.

One best things about having your own blog is you can create landing pages/lead capture pages very cheaply.

There are standalone third-party email capture page companies out there but they do charge a monthly fee – e.g. I think it’s $18 for Leadpages and it does this does exactly the same thing I can create exactly the same kind of capture pages within my blog.

It’s super simple to do and I do have another blog post explaining how you can get started with capture pages for only $5.

Any opt ins from the method shown in my other blog post is completely organic traffic – I mean people on Facebook if they’re if they’re using Facebook Ads, they’re paying around three to four dollars per opt-in that they get and this is completely free.

So the plug-in that I’m using that is really a godsend, it’s allowed me to build all of my pages and they look very professional.

It integrates everything with my autoresponder, I can build sales pages with this along with training courses too.

I built this using thrive and it’s basically just a drag-and-drop page builder it’s so simple to use and the alternative to that is using click funnels which is $97 a month. I explain how you can get thrive here.

I can’t recommend this product enough is it does so many things in it and it really helps you out with your business for such a tiny little investment.

How to start a Blog?

So that’s that’s all the benefits of having a blog and if you don’t have a blog right now in 2018 and you are looking to make money online you are looking to grow your business online then you really need to get started ASAP.

It actually doesn’t take that long, just head over to hosting like GoDaddy or Bluehost and purchase your domain and hosting. I would suggest using your name or a recognisable phrase as your domain name and see if it’s available.

For this website, I use SiteGround! It’s a UK based company, which offers insanely good customer service at very low prices. I’ve been using them for a good few years now and would definitely recommend them!

More often then not, when you buy web hosting you will get a free domain name so you’re going to save money on the domain.

Hosting is basically a big hard drive in the cloud and you can host different domain names and each domain name is going to correspond to a website that you have.  So depending on the package you choose you can decide the number of websites you want.

Once you’ve done that then you would go through to your web hosting and you would set it up – all major hosting companies have one click WordPress installation options. So you’ll be able to get yourself set up in a span of a few clicks!

You’ll just need to go to the admin panel and click a little button on there that says install WordPress. You can then go to Fiverr and get thrive installed on your site because you’re going to be able to do a ton of stuff with with thrive.

Lastly, you will need to choose a theme. There’s a bunch of really good free ones as well as paid so just browse around and see what appeals the most to you.

I can’t stress how important it is to have your own blog your own website online right now if you trying to make a decent income online.