Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Hi everyone! A lot of people still ask me what exactly is affiliate marketing, how it works, if anyone could do that and this is why I’m writing this blog post for you today! Essentially, we’re going to focus at how you can learn affiliate marketing for beginners.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So first of all affiliate marketing, not to be confused with network marketing and some other kinds of marketings. Affiliate marketing is basically when you become a middleman between the buyer and the seller.

You don’t have your own product to sell what you do instead you promote a product that already exist and you make a commission if there’s a sale on that product.

So let me give you a more concrete example so you would understand easier how it works.

For instance you went to your friend’s house and you saw they have a very nice brand new TV and you really liked it and you ask them what kind of TV that is and they’re like oh it’s a 55 inch HDTV whatever.  Then when you got home you decided that you want to get the same kind of TV because you really liked it so you go on google of course since you don’t know much about TVs and you type something like “best 55-inch TV”.

You decide that you would like to spend less than five hundred dollars so you will add that. So your final keyword phrase would be “best 55-inch TV under five hundred dollars”. When you click on search there will be a whole bunch of websites listed on google and you click on one of them and what the website does it explains or it compares a few different TVs that are 55 inch and that are under five hundred dollars. So you read those reviews, you look at the specs, you’re like well okay so i’ll go for this TV.

And at the same time the website tells you you can buy it at Bestbuy for 520$ or you could buy it on Amazon for 495$ or you could buy them at some other store at some other price. Of course naturally you pick the best price you click on the button you are redirected to for example amazon and you make a purchase.

Now what you might not know that person who created that website they receive a commission once you purchase the TV. That is the basics of affiliate marketing so you will be promoting products that aren’t yours but you will be promoting them to people who would want to purchase these kind of products this is the base of affiliate marketing.

How does Affiliate Marketing work in action?

Now a few things that I should mention that are really really cool about affiliate marketing is that affiliate programs are free to join. You never have to pay as an affiliate so Amazon has one, Ebay has one, Walmart has one, a whole bunch of travel agencies have affiliate programs.

Pretty much any big retailer that has an online presence has an affiliate program that you could join completely free and you can start selling their products for a commission. Most of the time the commissions are between 4% and 10% depending on different things for instance how many sales you make every single month.

So Amazon being one of the most popular and biggest affiliate programs because they simply have so many different products they have such a big variety of stuff they sell online that you can pick whatever interests you the most and sell it as well; or should I say promote it for them because you aren’t actually selling your own products. You don’t have a warehouse, you don’t have to stock these products, you don’t have to ship them, your don’t have to take payments.

All you do is promote and get paid if there is a sale. Now a really awesome thing about Amazon is that lets say you send someone to buy a TV but they decide to buy something else like, I don’t know, a blu-ray player or a nice TV stand, a nice surround sound system etc.

You’ll get commission on all of those products as well – not just the TV. So this is really really cool!  You can have some people buy a book for 10$ and earn a commission of a dollar or less but that person ends up buying so many things that the commission ends up being 30$, 40$, 50$ for one single book sale.

Well isn’t really just a “book sale” they bought a bunch of other stuff but it’s really cool that amazon also credits you all the other commissions for all the other sales.

Another thing I should mention that this is available pretty much anywhere in the world because you will be making sales online so if you live in Germany or Nigeria or Japan or US or Canada, any country really, you could sign up as an affiliate to Amazon or any other affiliate site.

How does amazon know or other affiliate programs that you have made a sale? Whenever you want to promote something amazon will supply you with your own link.

This link belongs only to you so they know that the sale came from you and not some other affiliate or some other person or simply from google search.

They know that this is your sale and they know that you should be the one receiving the commission for that sale. So that’s not something you should be worrying about they are really really honest about it

Resources to Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

Now that you have a general idea of how Affiliate Marketing works, lets dive into what you can do to learn affiliate marketing for beginners. There are a umber of different resources you can use to help you learn affiliate marketing.

So for example, what I did when I was getting started is I watched a lot of YouTube videos about affiliate marketing. Especially videos on how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners. Check out Code Central by NS own Youtube Channel. 

You’ll be surprised that some of them had really good points and value valuable things that I needed to learn to actually know about affiliate marketing and how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Another thing I did was just invest in myself and to learn affiliate marketing beginner level through simply buying courses – just a twenty dollar or ten dollar courses – on JvZoo or ClickBank. Again, these have some golden nuggets in them that you can use.

But ultimately, what is going to give you and what’s going to be valuable for you is just invest more into yourself because you are the moat the best investment you can make.

Once you’ve gone through a few learn affiliate marketing for beginners courses then take that information you learned, apply it, and take the risk. Put it into action.

It’s okay if it doesn’t work – if you do it and it doesn’t work you’ll know that this doesn’t work, so you can do something else that might work.  What the best and the highest-paid people – the millionaires – do is they apply what they learn!


Action steps to take you forward..

The most profitable strategy of making an affiliate income for me has been building niche websites. You need to have an online presence to succeed.

I actually have a separate blog post solely dedicated to niche research for websites.

A niche website means it’s a website that is targeted to a very specific group of people and that sells a very specific group of products or one single product. Because it wouldn’t make sense that you have a website that talks about dogs and dog training and dog products and then you try to sell a TV on that website.

Select a group of products that you will be working with and build a website around those products. This is something that used to be very complicated but now it’s incredibly easy to setup a website, even if you don’t know how to do that.

It’s really really easy to set up websites that look good, that are fast and that feel good. However, you need to know that this is not an overnight success, this is not something that is super easy to do. It takes work, it takes effort, it takes time.

If you’re interested in learning how to code, do check out the Courses Page to see all the programming and website development courses I offer!

The main way of getting this website popular, getting ranking on Google and other search engines it’s creating a lot of great content. Content that people will enjoy reading and in return Google will rank it well enough because it’s good content. So you have to get ready to work for it this is not once again a get-rich-quick scheme.

Final words..

Affiliate marketing is a very serious and a very very profitable business but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a business that takes a long time to build and you have to be very serious about it.

Most people that I speak to take several months some people take up to a year and very few take even longer than a year to start earning commissions from affiliate marketing.

So this is something that you should definitely keep in mind and if you don’t make your first commissions within a month or two that’s not a sign that you should give up. That’s a sign that you should work harder, you should put in more time and more effort.

The cool thing is that if your website isn’t making any sales and you’ve been at it for six months or maybe a full year, once it picks up all your other articles will start ranking better, will start attracting more visitors to your website and you will be making a lot more sales.

So those people that I mentioned who took a year or maybe even two years to start making money for them, once they started it snowballed really really fast and they were able to make a full time living within a few months.

This blog post was aimed at helping you get started. Hopefully you have grasped the essentials of how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners and now have a idea on what to do next.

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