Learn Web Development at Code Central?

Why I started Code Central?

A few years ago, I wanted to learn web development and programming. So I did what most people do when they have a question – I went on Google. What I found was quite overwhelmLearn Web Development at Code Central by NS Logoing. They’re a bunch of websites, companies and individual bloggers, offering solutions and answers. However, what was quite obvious was that the information on Google is very fractured. Everyone seems to think there’s one specific answer to what is clearly a multi-faceted question.

All business experts tell you to outsource anything that is not your core competency. However, learning a skill like coding or website development can come in very handy plus in today’s world, employers are increasingly looking I.T competent applicants. Whether you want to start your own blog, take your business online or even create an e-commerce business from scratch, it is vital you learn web development!

This is why I decided to learn web development myself. I started with HTML and CSS, then moved on to JavaScript, Jquery and PHP. Being a complete newbie, I had no clue what hosting, domains or even WordPress were! And so I also spent time researching and learning how to use each of the different languages as well as platforms available. Apart from WordPress, there’s also platforms like Wix, Shopify, Blogger etc. that require no coding – just simple drag and drop commands – which also took me a while to learn and master.  As you can imagine, this all

As you can imagine, this all took me quite a while! And everything was learnt through different platforms and websites – no one single place had everything I was looking for. This is where the idea for Code Central originated.

What is Code Central?

I made Code Central to help prevent other people wasting hours on the net looking for resources and courses for whatever they want to learn. It is a platform where everything relating to coding/programming, website development, SEO, digital marketing and anything else that is relevant will be available.  The aim for it to provide a holistic solution for anyone looking to enter the online world. Code Central caters to all ability levels – so there are more advanced courses, articles available as well as beginner level resources. So everyone can take advantage!

Over the years I have collected some awesome resources – some which I wished I had found a lot earlier, but whatever – which I hope to share with the audience on Code Central. I have also spent time creating courses and so far have 3 available. You can find them by clicking on the course tab! I aim to add a lot more so stay tuned.

What should you do now?

If you’re ready to start your online journey, start browsing the website and start learning whatever you fancy. I’ll be posting articles, resources and courses regularly so do sign up to our mailing list.

You can view all available courses by clicking the Courses tab and visiting the Code Central by NS

If you have any questions or are looking for something, in particular, you can contact me through the contact page or like Code Central on Facebook and drop a message on there. For the latest updates do follow Code Central on Twitter.

I am always willing to answer any questions or queries and so please feel free to reach out to me using any of the options provided above.

Thank you for visiting (and hopefully joining) the Code Central Community and I am sure you’ll benefit.