What is Targeted Traffic?

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website?

Traffic essentially means the number of visitors visiting your website. There is no point in opening a store or a shop and not have people come to it! Similarly, there is no point in spending time/money creating a website and not get any visitors.

Definition: Traffic refers to the number of targeted visitors that stream into your site and put money in your hands!

Targeted Traffic – ┬áDon’t Confuse Quantity over Quality.

Not all traffic is created equal.

You should never confuse traffic quantity over traffic quality.

Targeted Traffic refers to those people that just can’t get enough of what you’re selling. The problem is that sometimes Traffic can seem disconnected from the overall marketing strategy.

You can create or affiliate yourself with the best product in the world, create great landing pages, but if you don’t get traffic flowing into your site, it’s just going to be a party for one.

Once you get traffic flowing into your site – you’re going to want more! You’ll start to see your PayPal filling up and it can get very addicting.

Some people get millions of people visiting their website but don’t earn anything in return. That’s because the traffic isn’t targeted. The people visiting the website just aren’t interested in whatever is being sold or displayed on the website.

If traffic isn’t targeted then all the traffic in the world means nothing. Big traffic numbers and high Alexa rank don’t mean a thing if they’re not serving the purpose you created the website for in the first place.

An Example:

Let’s suppose you sell quilting patterns and other quilting supplies

And there’s a big convention happening in town. So you run out and spend money to buy a booth to sell and promote your products.

Except you get the wrong memo and the convention is actually for motorbike enthusiasts! So do you think you’re gonna get a lot of sales? Not a chance!

That’s because the traffic that streams by your booth is completely untargeted.

Priority No #1 – Drive TARGETED traffic to your offers.

Priority No #2 – Increase the Quantity of your Traffic whenever possible.


Key Take Away:

Don’t ever let quality suffer in favor of increasing the quantity.